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Customer Reviews

  • dana

    "I finally understand how to trade the markets. Thank you! "

    - Vanessa Kiremitzian

  • jack

    "I used to consider myself a consistent swing trader. But after taking the program with Malik I learned how to exactly profit from the markets and gained the "missing ingredient" so to speak in my trading."

    -Harold Wilson

  • nico

    "This is the only program that has ever benefited me in terms of trading. For the first time ever someone is able to teach me how to exactly enter and exit the markets without any hypothetical situations involved. I am forever grateful for this!"

    - Harman Cheema

  • Anders

    " After failing for a year I decided to give Notice a try. The Strategy Development Program HANDS DOWN changed my life and finally taught me how to trade."

    - Terrance Michael

  • Betty

    "I was unemployed after I quit Med School and had no options left. After watching for months and through mutual friends I finally took the program and now make $100-$200 a day everyday in my first 6 months."

    - Kayla Smith

  • Gina

    " I have no finance experience. Yet the systems by Notice are so simple the most surprising thing is you don't need any knowledge to learn. When it hits you ... you're overcome with a " ah-ha!" moment. "

    - George Linde

Here's What you GET

Instant AccessTo The Advance Trade Room (Value $7,500).

A proven system that works. With the help of over +16,000 man hours and over 50 years of market data we've refined the exact sequence required to make a turn-key, robust, and consistent trading system with down to the millisecond precision.

AUTOMATED SYSTEMS - Use 100% Automated Strategies.
($15,997 value).

Over $50,000 over the course of 24 months was invested to build and automate a trading algorithm that can actively work on real market conditions across all markets spanning over 50 years of down to the second Level 3 Data used by hedge funds and large banks. This is the edge all traders are looking for.


With over +16,000 hours invested in the market we've perfected and automated the entry and exit system required to be successfully consistent in the markets. By eliminating 99% of what shouldn't be done we've narrowed down the exact tools, systems and procedures needed to trade in the markets.

Simplified ACTION Based Training - Customized for YOUR needs.($9,997 value).

Gain tangible, precise insights on how the market really works. No random trend lines or meaningless indicators, dive into how exactly the market really works and how to turn your failed trading habits into consistent, systematic trading decisions to run a full scale business. This is 100% custom made for you.

LIFE TIME SUPPORT - Unlimited Help & Support until you get it. ($5,433 value).

Our expert Trade Master Malik Notice, Verified and Dedicated Students who have already finished the program, successful quantitative traders and a community of growing users will do whatever it takes to ensure you meet your goals and become successful trading in the markets.

BONUS #1 - Life Time FREE Access to the Options Trading Room​ ​ ($1,230 value).

Become a Master Trader using our already automated strategies running 24/6 inside the live trade room used by Malik Notice. Learn market dynamics inside the room using the exact entry and exit parameters. Nothing is random everything is automated.

BONUS #2 - Life Time FREE Access to the Forex Trading Room​($2,400 value).

Become a Master Trader using our already automated strategies running 24/6 inside the live trade room used by Malik Notice. Learn market dynamics inside the room using the exact entry and exit parameters. Everything is custom made for traders. By traders.

BONUS #3: 1-on-1 In Depth Masters Training with Malik Notice ($8,531 value).

Learn step by step along side Malik Notice in a 3 month - 1 hour per week course on how exactly to meet your goals. Discover secret insights from market makers and proprietary professional traders on how exactly to conquer the markets.
The Goal: Establish your own profitable trading business.

Total Value: OVER $156,295

Yours all FOR FREE

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We want to make our Trading Strategy available to everyone. You can join our Trade Room today for absolutely FREE. There are NO hidden fees or hidden costs. Everything is 100% FREE FOR LIFE.

Our Trade Room is based on systems that are used inside professional trading firms. It will guide you towards becoming a consistently profitable trader by giving you the exact entry/exits and systematic trades done by our system on over 50+ years of real live data. This is something you just can't find anywhere else since it's used strictly on high frequency trading floors.​

Some of our former students already live off of their trading business. This gives them an amazing structural platform to advance their lifestyle. ​

Other students may seek out the banking management structure of running their trading business as money managers. This is a drastic confidence shift they're given in managing funds since they have the exact tools and step by step rules to run and create working trading systems.

As you can see below our training is proven and used by real people you can contact. We will help you to become a consistently profitable trader. This is why we encourage everyone to get started right away.

You can meet most of our successful students inside our Facebook community. This allows you to see that they are real people achieving real results.

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